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Our Mission

Love is the most powerful force for change and good in the world. Our mission is to (1) educate people of all nations about the scientific research, the spiritual and philosophical traditions and the best practices of love and how it benefits health, relationships, community and the world. 2) provide products and services that assist and inspire people to live a daily life of love through their thoughts, words and actions. 3) To be a global movement that transforms all nations, cultures and societies to better live the strength and attributes of unconditional, unlimited love for a more peaceful and kinder world.

Our Vision

To live a life and in a world of unconditional, unlimited love.


Our Motto

Life is a lesson in Love



What is a Love Leader?

A love leader is one who thinks, speaks and acts with love towards everything and everyone.
They love life and want the best for themselves and others.

Love Leader Pledge

I will learn, teach and practice living unlimited love by;

Thinking the most loving thoughts

Saying the most loving words and

Doing the most loving actions

Toward everyone and everything

At all times and in all I do.


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